Home Hair Color Made Easy: 10 Foolproof Tips to Gorgeous Color

  • We love the salon – we really do. Who doesn’t love getting pampered? But if you’re like most of us, big-ticket salon prices don’t always cut it. And besides, waiting 6 months to be “squeezed in” for your next color appointment is a hassle. Luckily, you can get the same results on your own—as long as you have the right formula. Follow these expert tips to achieve salon-perfect results at home without the fuss.

  • Think Outside The BoxLook at the swatches on the side of the hair color box. Match your natural color to one of the shade swatches to get a better idea of your end result. If you do not see your natural shade, the product is most likely not right for you.

    Download: My L’Oréal Colorist app for an expert shade recommendation or Take the Consultation Now.

  • Permanent vs. Non-Permanent

    Not ready to commit? Non-permanent hair color is the perfect choice since it only lasts through 28 shampoos. For color that won’t wash out, try a permanent formula, ideal to go lighter or cover grays.

  • Shades of Gray

    As hair turns gray, skin tone and facial structure can change, which means your old standby may not be as flattering as it once was. Choose a shade that is 1 or 2 levels lighter than your natural color to avoid a harsh contrast. Hint: Select a shade with the word “natural” in the product name for the best gray coverage.

  • Better Safe than Sorry

    If your hair is thick or long buy two boxes of your chosen hair color. Make sure to apply enough color to completely saturate all of your hair for even results.

  • Rule Of Thumb

    Always apply color to dry, detangled and unwashed hair. You can wash your hair the day before, but not the day of coloring. This allows the natural oils in your scalp to act as a protective layer when you are applying hair color.

  • Prep Your Skin

    Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the skin at your hairline. If your hair color drips, simply wipe the color from your skin with a damp towel right away to avoid staining your skin.

  • Use A Timer

    Don’t skimp on processing time! If you rinse your color before it has enough time to develop, it won’t reach its most-gorgeous potential.

  • Hot or Cold?

    Rinse your hair in cold water after coloring to keep your color from running. Apply the after-color conditioner included in your box to seal in color and lock in moisture. Do not shampoo! Wait 24 hours (or longer if you can!) before washing.

  • Make A Lasting Impression

    When it’s time to lather up, skip clarifying shampoos and hot oil treatments. These products can strip, change or even speed up the fading of your hair color.

    Try: EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System Moisture Shampoo and Moisture Conditioner.

  • Right On Schedule

    Stick to a 4 to 6 week maintenance schedule to keep your hair color looking fresh. Follow up with a touch up or root application since that’s all you’ll need.

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