July 4th Beauty Ideas You Need to Try Now

  • The Fourth of July means a full day (or days, if you're one of the lucky ones) of celebrating. In the spirit of the holiday, you've likely already updated your wardrobe with lots of stars and stripes, but your closet isn't the only place deserving of a patriotic pick-me-up. Like your attire, your Fourth of July beauty routine should showcase your Independence Day pride -- all you need are a few key products and some awesome red, white and blue inspiration.

  • Navy Smoky Eye

    Forever the sultry girl’s go-to, the smoky eye is nothing new. But when you substitute navy-blue eye shadow for classic black, the look exudes something beyond sex appeal -- it’s instantly Lady Liberty–approved!

  • Aqua-Lined Eye

    We love the way aqua-colored liner makes a fresh, playful statement. For daytime celebrations, apply color on just the top lash line. And for evening affairs, kick up your color with an additional swipe of liner on the lower lash line.

  • Flower-Sprinkled Milkmaid Braid

    Perfect for a backyard barbecue or beachside party, a milkmaid braid is an easy and elegant summer hairstyle option.

    Just part your hair in the center and braid it into pigtails. Next, wrap one pigtail forward and across your head and lock it in place with a bobby pin. Now wrap the other pigtail and continue inserting bobby pins throughout the braids until they feel secure. Last, set the style with a humidity-resistant hairspray.

    To upgrade the look for the Fourth, tuck a few sprigs of white and red baby’s breath into your woven updo.

  • All White Manicure

    If nail art isn’t for you, try polishing your nails with a couple coats of opaque white lacquer and a layer of topcoat to seal and protect. We love this fresh and simple way to stand out from the crowd. Bonus: White nails will enhance the look of sun-kissed skin.

  • Silvery White Shadow

    Like the natural-makeup look trending now, a wash of iridescent white shadow feels fun and youthful. To give this doe-eyed look a fireworks-inspired sparkle, use an angled brush and dab the upper lash line with silver shadow, then apply two coats of lengthening mascara.

  • Red-Tinted Tips

    If you’re feeling especially patriotic, why not give your hair color a boost with an unexpected pop of red? We’re obsessed with the at-home ombre highlights kit by L’Oréal Paris, because really, who wants to spend their holiday weekend at the salon?

  • Cherry-Red Lips

    When it comes to Fourth of July makeup, the red lip reigns supreme! The secret to finding your perfect red lip color is knowing your skin tone. Fair skin will benefit from a blue-based red. If you have a warm complexion, an orangey-red is the way to go. And a red hue that has a hint of pink is ideal for women with darker skin.

    Test out a few reds until you find your perfect match by downloading the Makeup Genius app (for iOS platforms -- Android app to follow in late 2014). The app’s one-of-a-kind technology recognizes your facial characteristics to ensure a flawless virtual makeup application every time.

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