Kiss Aging Goodbye
With Tips For Younger-Looking Lips

  • Lips deserve the same protection against premature aging as the rest of your face. If fine lines and dryness are making your pout less than perfect, give them the kiss-off with these anti-aging lip tips.

  • Aging Effects

    Because the skin on your lips is especially thin, it is more susceptible to aging than the rest of your face. As collagen and melanin naturally decrease, lips lose volume and color. The process is part genetic, part environmental, but it doesn’t have to artificially age you. On the bright side, the thin skin on lips makes it easier to repair. All it takes is the right routine.

  • Special Treatment

    Exfoliate, moisturize, plump. These are the three essential steps in every lip care regimen. Every time you wash your face, run a wet washcloth gently over lips a few times to exfoliate. Next, target and treat. The most effective lip treatments moisturize and plump, and become a part of your daily habit.

  • Color Extraordinaire

    Much more than a lipstick, Colour Riche Anti-Aging Serum is a genius combination of treatment and pigment. The power is in the core ingredients: Hyaluronic Microspheres and ProXalyne, two synergistic elements that work to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enhance lip contour and deeply hydrate. Every time you refresh your lipstick, you’re adding a dose of anti-aging care to lips. Lips appear fuller, plumper and younger instantly.

  • Pout Protection

    It’s never too early to protect your lips from damage. Secondhand smoke and environmental pollution can degrade collagen and elasticity in the skin, and smoking can cause discoloration and vertical wrinkles. UV rays from sun exposure can accelerate collagen breakdown and cause lips to thin. A protective layer of lipstick or lip balm with sunscreen is a must. So don’t leave home without it.

  • Bonus Lip Tips

    Keep in mind that darker shades of lipcolor can give the appearance of thinner lips. So even if you’ve rocked a deep shade of berry your whole life, it may be time to lighten up. And don’t forget gloss. It’s the finishing touch that can add dimension and another pleasingly plump layer to lips.

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