Mousse Absolue: Full Application

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  • Prep in 4 Easy Steps

    Put on the gloves and drape a towel over your shoulders

    Shake canister vigorously at least 20 times

    Remove protective cap

    Replace with applicator cap—you'll know it's secure when you hear clicks on both sides

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  • 3 Essential Tips

    Shake canister vigorously throughout the application

    Double-check the applicator cap is secured firmly before dispensing

    Always hold canister vertically during application—never tilt

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  • Starting the Application

    Step 1: Part your hair and dispense mousse straight onto roots. Use your hands to massage it in thoroughly.

    Step 2: Continue to separate hair and apply to roots, section by section, each time massaging it in with your hands.

    Step 3: To apply to hairline, dispense some mousse into your hands and massage it in with your fingertips

    Step 4: Check that roots are fully saturated and add more mousse if needed

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  • Continuing the Application

    Step 5: Part the back of your hair into sections and massage mousse into roots thoroughly

    Step 6: Dispense mousse into your hands and massage through the lengths and ends of your hair

    Step 7: You’re almost done! Massage all of your hair again and check to make sure your roots and hairline are well saturated

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  • Finishing Steps

    Step 8: Relax and let color develop for 30 minutes

    Step 9: Rinse hair thoroughly until water runs clear.

    Step 10: Apply Care Supreme Conditioner and leave in for 2 minutes; rinse thoroughly.

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  • Storing and Reusing

    Clean off the applicator cap and keep the remaining product, extra set of gloves and conditioner for your second use, typically 4-6 weeks later.

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