Project Runway Makeover Winners

  • Project Runway Makeover Winners

    When you’re ready to revamp your look, nothing says instant makeover like a vibrant, new hair color or a bold new haircut.

    Teaming up with Project Runway and our L’Oréal Paris Colorists and Stylist, we gave four well-deserving fans the ultimate star treatment.

    Click through to see the exciting before and after transformations!

  • Jamie Cherry


    Jamie, 34, has had the same hair and fashion style since high school. Although she’s an attorney, Jamie has always wanted to be a fashion designer. By cutting off her hair and adding richness to her color with Féria 36 Deep Burgundy Brown, Johnny gave her a professional yet edgy look.

  • Stephanie Breed

    New York

    Stephanie loves Mondo! She has been to Mood to buy fabric, and she has her own set of PROJECT RUNWAY paper dolls that she uses to design show-themed t-shirts. She is currently a sophomore in college and was looking for a makeover before graduating. Johnny gave Stephanie a vibrant and bold look that will turn heads at school with Féria Power Red R57 Intense Medium Auburn.

  • Jennifer Colvin


    Jennifer is a single mom to a 7-year-old son, who has watched PROJECT RUNWAY since day 1. Although Jennifer is as pretty as she is sweet, she was in need of freshening up her look. Johnny cut her hair short to frame her face and lightened her blonde with Féria 100 Very Light Natural Blonde, which added more warmth to her complexion and infectious smile.

  • Jane McFarlane


    The mother of two is known for her great sense of humor. Her saving grace is watching PROJECT RUNWAY on Thursday nights. To transform Jane’s ‘mom-style’ hair into a look that’s more on trend, Johnny applied Féria Wild Ombré O60 Medium Brown, the first at home Ombré haircolor, which added greater dimensionality to her color.

  • Altagracia Diaz

    New York Long Island

    Altagracia is a single mother of 5, two of which are twin boys who have cerebral palsy. She has put her own needs aside to care for her children, and was definitely in need of some “me time” before appearing on the show. Altagracia has taken her children to meet previous PROJECT RUNWAY cast members.

  • Susan Cornish


    There’s no doubt that Susan is a huge fan of PROJECT RUNWAY! For the past 5 seasons, she has done the challenges at home on Barbie Dolls which she keeps as part of a collection. The dolls have even accompanied her to meet previous cast members, and she throws finale parties every season. She’s even dressed as some of her favorite past designers and was dying to walk the runway.

  • Tristan Sea


    Tristan is a high energy new mom who loves the creativity of the PROJECT RUNWAY designers, specifically during the “real women” challenges. She lost a considerable amount of weight before going onto the show, after having a child a few months before.

  • Andrea Fisher


    Andrea is a big fan of the judges, and particularly agrees with Nina most of the time. She’s a self described “diva” but isn’t opposed to shopping for the best deal.

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