Radiant Skin 101

  • The Bright Side: Your Recipe for Radiant Skin

    It’s never too late for youthful looking skin. Age spots, discolorations and blotchiness dull the skin and can add years to your appearance. So, how can you banish spots and brighten up? Infuse these ingredients into your skin care routine to get your complexion glowing in no time.

  • Acid Test

    Hydroxy Acids like alpha and beta boost cell turnover in the skin’s outer layer—reviving its look and feel. When used over time, they gradually help reduce the appearance of dark spots, even skin tone and improve texture.

  • Seeing Spots

    Use products that help reduce the appearance of discoloration and age spots, like Youth Code™ Dark Spot Correcting and Illuminating Serum Corrector with niacinamide (also known as Vitamin B3) helps minimize or reduce the appearance of dark spots, leaving you with a more luminous look.

  • Sun Blocked

    Never leave the house without sunscreen, and if you’re going to be exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time, be sure to reapply every couple hours. Apart from hormonal changes, sun damage is often the major culprit behind age spots. The Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen line provides multi-layer, broad-spectrum protection and contains antioxidants that help protect skin from harmful free radicals.

  • Just the Highlights

    Don’t be afraid to cheat a little. Top off your look with skin illuminating products for an instant spark. Dab a bit of powder or cream-based highlighter just above the cheekbones or add a drop to your moisturizer or foundation for all-over glow.

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