Rock Star Ready

  • Rock Star Ready

    Outdoors, out loud, and outrageously cool. We love all the beautiful people who flaunted their style on the music festival scene this past summer. Carefree, edgy, and dripping with the latest trends, music festivals were the perfect playground to experiment and take things up a notch or two. Here, we share the top three looks that reigned the festival catwalk: tribal, crop tops, and whimsy layers. We can’t decide which we like best. So let’s try them all.

  • Tribal Tunes

    The tribe has spoken, and the verdict is: we loved the Aztec-inspired look that’s glammed up with smoldering hair and makeup, and lots of skin (self tanning spray anyone!). The geometric bold-patterned pieces work best in small proportions; note the short-shorts and minimal top. Bright cobalt eyes are super flirty, the right amount of wild, and go with any eye color (for reals!) so it was a must try. The next octave: noticeable nails amp up any ensemble. We are heavy-sighing over this New Money nail polish from L’Oreal Colour Riche . . . green has never been so gorgeous!

  • Beauty Check

    Trends this hot must have good back up, so every music-lover needed her bag of beauty tricks. The pre-party primping routine included festive high-gloss nail colors (it was a festival!) and healthy doses of hair product to keep the do done. But our must-have from the summer that could definitely bleed in to the fall, is L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Eyeliner in Cobalt Blue. It’s the perfect shade to match your nails or, our personal favorite, clash with your ensemble. It’s the flawless pencil that glides on and blends so easily (thanks to the smudger that is included!) for that perfect eye look.

  • Cream of the Crop Tops

    Baring a little skin was in. When dared to don a crop top, the strategy was to distract with a killer cat-eye. Beautifully defined with extended black eyeliner, this no-holds-barred trick garnered serious attention day or night. A mechanical liner, such as L’Oreal Paris Infallible liner, with a rich, creamy formula that glides on to achieve this feat of festival fashion was a definite must-have. And nothing went better with a pop of purple eye shadow than a pretty purple nail; it’s pure perfection. Classic and (dare we say) cute, we nabbed this nail polish as soon as we knew the name: Royally Reinvented. How summer of 2013 is that!

  • Primp Thyself

    We heard chatter about pre-festival dip-dye parties (where was our invite?!) and we loved the results. But we’re still spinning from so many major makeup variations, (matching eye shadow and nails is so cool, who knew?) so we had to look in to the eyes a bit more. If you graced the scene of any music festival this summer then you know you needed an eye look that was both daring and lasting. L’Oreal’s Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow hit all the right notes: fadeproof, waterproof, crease resistant. This intense eye shadow lasts from day until dawn with its revolutionary formula that fuses powder with the velvety caress of a cream. And what better way to create that lasting impression than with the perfect shade – our favorite? Perpetual Purple. The entire scene was so colorful and dreamy, one thing we know: rock star time was achieved.

  • Bare Essentials

    Effortless, fresh, so naturally pretty. How do some girls look gorgeous without even trying? Great makeup of course! A nude face with flushed cheeks and a barely-rosy lip is the secret of ‘naturally beautiful’ girls everywhere; it’s those simple sexy sirens that always steal the show. A relaxed topknot and flowing layers completed this perfect ethereal party-look. L’Oreal’s Elnett is legendary for its clean, soft, shiny finish and strong hold, so it was no toss up when it came to completing this look.

  • Nude Magic

    The coolest beauty trend we noticed while on our hot tour: pop, as in let one-single feature stand out (too much pop goes poof fast!) Want an over-the-top eye? Pair with a neutral face. Clashing nails? Killer with understated makeup. And our favorite, a flawless face, can be achieved with L’Oreal Paris Magic Nude Liquid Powder – it’s so right with a relaxed up do. Severe balanced with simple, it wasn’t about being over-done, it was about being done right. Love.

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