Sleek Bun

  • Smooth, Sleek, Chignon

    One bun variation you may not have tried? The ever-so chic chignon. Traditionally worn at the nape of the neck, the sleek chignon is the bun’s more sophisticated, refined cousin from France. And you can rock it now.

    First, make sure your hair is completely smooth + tangle free. Use a prep spray such as LOCK IT Fine Control Hairspray from L’Oréal, and gather hair into a ponytail at the nape of your neck.

  • In the Loop

    Make a loop with your ponytail, twisting it just enough so the ends (be sure to leave an inch or two) are pointing towards your crown. The chignon is classically a loose knot vs. a twisted, wrapped style, so your loop, by design, will have more volume than a bun.

  • Put a Pin in That

    Secure the loop at the base of the neck (the ends will still be sticking out here). Experienced chignon-ers are known to use a single pin; you may need a few at first. With enough prep spray, your hair will stay put.

  • Wrap it Up

    Wrap the ends of your hair around the exposed elastic and pin, being sure to tuck in all loose pieces. Simple as it is, this is not a shower bun; you want a neat, if not formal finish.

  • Devilishly Demure

    Lock in this look with a bold-hold spray, such as LOCK IT Bold Control Hairsprayfrom L’Oréal. Sophisticated and sexy (in a stealth, demure kind of way), you have officially graduated to glamour. For an added shine use SLEEK IT Serum Spray .

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