Travel Essentials

  • Perfect Plan

    Whether it’s a weekend at the beach or a grand European tour, summer travel is all about fun in the sun, so sunscreen tops your packing list. The perfect plan? Save space with a two-in-one face lotion that combines SPF with added antioxidants like Vitamin E for that healthy vacation glow. We love the luxurious, silky feel of L’Oréal Paris’ Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen Liquid Silk Lotion for Face with SPF 30. Not only will you protect and perfect your face from the trials of travel, you’ll have a little more room in your bag for fabulous souvenirs.

  • Chic. Lit.

    You don’t have to travel far for a truly great escape. Just pull up a piece of shade, don your sun hat, and your beach-read will take you to that special place: Relaxation City. If you’re hitting the airport or train station, cheesey tabloids are fully acceptable (and full of juicy stuff) as an escapist read and you know your friends will sneak them away from you upon your arrival. Great literature or great gossip, reading gives you that aaaahhhhh effect.

  • You Nailed It

    You totally took the time to do your nails for your trip, and now you have a chip? No way! You won’t have to worry because as a super savvy traveler, you’re going to bring your color (we’re currently fixated on L’Oreal Paris Color Riche I Pink I’m in Love, the most lovable pink ever!) along with you. Small enough to fit in your purse and pretty enough to be worth it, a few swishes of the brush and your mani-pedi is back to perfect . . . only better because you’re somewhere really cool!

  • Shadey Lady

    A practical, glamorous, and totally celebrity-worthy look? A cool hat and hot shades. An adorable Panama hat or a straw Fedora are both smart, chic choices as they travel well from the beach to cocktails at sunset. And your sunglasses, in addition to being your most important summer accessory, help protect your eyes from the sun, stop you from squinting (crows’ feet alert!), and keep everyone buzzing about the possible celeb citing (that would be YOU).

  • BYOHP (bring your own hair products!)

    We love fancy hotels. We love kitschy motels. We love staying with friends. Unfortunately, we don’t always love their shampoos and conditioners (hello color protecting and/or sulfate free formulas!) . . . so we pack our own. Because nothing feels better after a long dehydrating flight or sticky-windy drive than a long shower and hair wash/condition, right? It’s the little luxuries that are the best, so bring yours with.

  • Back to Basics

    Our most glamorous friends can go to Bali for two weeks with just a carry on. How? Think basics and accessories: it’s all in the styling. White jeans coast from daytime with flip-flops and a tank, to night with strappy sandals and a weightless silk tunic, which may also double as a cover up. Scarves, funky-chunky jewels, a belt, and an up-do can transform a black t-shirt dress into an evening-worthy get-up. If you do experience a wardrobe malfunction in your travels (red wine spill on white t-shirt anyone?) there’s always a little boutique with your name on it.

  • Style in Tow

    Remember when you used to shove everything in a duffle and go? We now know that’s not so chic. Packing well is an art, and it all starts with the right bag. Think compartments, interior pockets for shoes, and exterior pockets for easy access to magazines or your itinerary. A great canvass or leather weekend tote can also serve as carry on for longer adventures. Consider going for the lightest model so you won’t be too weighed down (sadly skip the majorly adorned, studded, hard sided bag unless your have a personal porter) and think about going beyond basic black for your roll-away to avoid the whose-is-whose game at the airport.

  • Good to Glow

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could start your vacation looking like you just came from one!? Before you throw on your short-shorts, have a few private meetings with a self-tanner. This summer we’re toting L’Oreal Paris’ Sublime Bronze Towelettes for Body right along with us. The individual towelettes are amazingly convenient for travel (no spill factor), easy to use, and keep your glow going when you’re on the go. Best of all, your friends will think you spent a week on the Riviera before you even hit your destination!

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