Winter Hair Survival Guide

  • The elements of winter—cold, windy days and dry indoor heat—can really ravage hair. But don’t let the extreme weather conditions win. Defend your hair’s health armed with these essential tips.

  • Dry and In Distress

    Intense winter weather can leave hair stripped of essential moisture, especially at the ends. To restore softness, daily maintenance is a must. Comb a nourishing oil treatment through your hair every day to keep it glossy and gorgeous. Advanced Haircare™ Total Repair 5™ Restorative Dry Oil is formulated with ceramides, so not only is your hair manageable and moisturized but it’s also protected against damage from extreme temperature swings.

  • The Hazards of Hat Hair

    Knit hats are a notorious offender. To combat static, flyaways and frizz, smooth hair with Advanced Haircare™ Smooth Intense™ Anti-Frizz Serum or Xtreme Straight Crème before donning your hat. They’re both formulated with oleo-keratin and help keep hair silky smooth.

  • Dull Hair is So Boring

    Hair gets the winter blahs, too. Depleted of moisture, it loses the ability to reflect light. Survival strategy? Add a hair mask like Advanced Haircare™ Power Moisture Rush Mask to your usual routine. Rich with conditioning for weather-beaten hair, this treatment imbues hair with hydration, gloss and shine in minutes—and the experience is luxuriously pampering (especially when the weather outside is anything but).

  • Damage, Undone

    Though we love a good windswept look, winter’s gusts can wreak havoc on hair health. From tangles to breakage to split ends, the protective cuticle of each strand gets a pretty bad lashing. To repair and rebuild, look for a treatment formula with ceramides as the active ingredient. They have the power to help penetrate weakened areas of the hair shaft. In addition to repairing 1 year of damage in 1 use*, Advanced Haircare™ Total Repair 5™ Damage Erasing Balm can protect against future damage. Plus it feels luxurious enough to get us through even the harshest of winters.

    *Reverses damage to hair’s smoothness with daily use, when using the system of shampoo & balm.

  • Eat To Win(terize)

    We all know that good nutrition supports healthy hair. But when winter’s comfort foods are calling, it’s even more important to eat right. That means supplementing your diet with healthy fats and fresh veggies. Some of our favorites are salmon, chia seeds, flaxseed oil, kale, coconut and wheatgrass. Packed with vitamins and minerals, they also protect against illness by boosting your immune system. Consider it a win-win.

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