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Signs of ageing are already fully settled in: deep wrinkles, pigment spots, drier skin that has lost its density…And unfortunately the ageing process doesn't stop there: our features continue to sag, the texture of our skin transforms and our face just isn't as voluminous as it was all those years ago. Babies and children all have skin that's plump, fuller and more elastic. But as the years go by, our faces start to hollow out: our cheekbones sag, dark circles appear, both the wrinkles around our temples and our smile lines start to deepen and our cheeks fall. Basically, our whole face becomes less defined. The result: the contours of the face aren't as sharp and our features become less harmonious.  

Dermatological solutions

There are plenty of solutions available at the dermatologist's to help combat this slackening of your face and plump up your cheeks, which, in turn, helps you retrieve facial harmony.  
- Injections: volumising hyaluronic acid is injected directly into your cheekbones. This lifts them slightly which helps your smile lines disappear, giving you instant results that can last for up to 18 months. By restructuring your cheeks in this way, your face appears more harmonious with more balanced volume.
- Exfoliation: peels or dermabrasions help get rid of the upper layer of the skin, otherwise known as the epidermis, and can even go as deep as the upper dermis layer to restore some of the skin's flexibility, elasticity and, therefore, volume.
- Revitalising stimulations: carboxytherapy, radiofrequency, pulsed light therapy… 

Cosmetic solutions

If you find that the dermatological solutions are perhaps a little too invasive, you can still rely on beauty products to help correct these signs of ageing. The best route to restoring facial harmony by plumping up your cheeks and filling in wrinkles is to rely on skincare that will strengthen the network of elastin fibres. And the star of the show here is hyaluronic acid: naturally found in our body, it's produced at a slower rate as we get older. When you use skincare that is rich in hyaluronic acid, you can be confident of anti-wrinkle and revoluminising action taking place every day. Don't just apply this skin care to your face, but also bring it down onto your neck and massage it in all the way up your face, right from your chin to your ears. Day by day, you will see that your face becomes denser, has a more symmetrical shape and will look noticeably younger!
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